What we do

We’re an IT solutions company that creates innovative web and mobile applications to help businesses operate more efficiently and communicate more effectively.

Working with global logistics providers, disruptive start-ups and consumer brands, we create purpose-built solutions which cut to the heart of the challenge.

Software Development

Web Applications

Bespoke and modular websites designed around customer requirements and objectives.

We don’t tie ourselves to one programming discipline. Instead, we use the most appropriate tool to achieve the best results given the customer’s existing infrastructure and other project constraints.

We’re more than happy to discuss the pros and cons of PHP or ASP, Java or C, JSON or XML and of course, RPG… but only if you want to!

We have a long history working with logistics and shipping companies where we design and implement web applications. These vary in scale and use, and in some instances, help goods get from one side of the globe to the other.

It’s almost certain that you have used or benefitted from our software without realising it…

From getting a car insurance quote to your vehicle arriving in the UK, from choosing a washing machine online to having it delivered to your back door.
Our software helps many companies keep their promises to their customers.

Mobile Apps

The world of apps is continually growing – and we’re always excited to design, build and launch apps on private networks, Apple App store and Google Play store.

We’re skilled in both the native technologies for iOS and Android, plus Google Flutter. We have successfully delivered business to business and consumer mobile apps covering several different sectors.

Get in touch for a demo and more information.

Systems Integration

We have a lot of experience in bringing together component sub-systems and legacy software with technology solutions and software platforms to help simplify processes and mitigate legacy issues. There's usually no need to throw away a perfectly good system just because it doesn't have a certain feature. Often the missing feature can be added, resulting in a lower cost and lower risk to the alternative rip-and-replace mentality.

Websites and E-Commerce

Responding to, and advising our customers regarding websites and e-commerce has always been at the forefront of our services.

We’re experienced in creating consumer-facing and corporate websites utilising different systems to suit customer needs and knowledge. When it comes to CMS systems, we always assess a client’s needs and experience before recommending open source, proprietary or SaaS - and utilise our experience with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, IBM and Squarespace to mention a few.

With all software and systems, we take a technically robust approach ensuring our websites are secure, responsive and user friendly.

System i Partner

We’re an IBM Business Partner, IBM Partner in Development and a partner with IBM iSeries Value Added Distributors. As such, we have a specialist team with experience and specialised skills in IBM i5 (formerly AS/400 & iSeries) midrange server. We even have our own product, born of the need to be able to develop browser-based applications quickly and efficiently on the iSeries platform. Click here for more info on Freestyle-400.