Our own web development tool.

FreeStyle-400 is our very own product, born of the need to to be able to develop browser based applications quickly and efficiently on the iSeries platform.

FreeStyle-400 was designed to allow you to use existing iSeries - AS/400 programming skills such as ILE RPG and RPG III to develop dynamic browser-based applications.

Some customers take the FreeStyle product and run, others like us to assist their team in developing applications and others just like us to use it to produce efficient, cost-effective solutions without them ever having to get their hands dirty.

Benefits include:

  • A single licence fee - unlimited developers, clients/web site visitors, pages and applications.
  • No consulting fees - warranty and ASUS includes unlimited support.
  • No formal training - uses existing RPG expertise and requires only generic RPG and HTML skills.
  • Annual Support and Update Service (ASUS) - available from all FreeStyle-400 distributors; gives you unlimited support and updates.
  • Security enhanced - build on your secure and reliable iSeries - AS/400 server. We've added a 256-bit encrypted transaction manager and other security features for good measure.
  • Use any Web browser - Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera or any other browser will do.
  • No additional hardware upgrades - get the most for your hardware money, run everything in batch but with interactive performance.
  • Multi environment - "development", "test", "user test" and "live" ; separate environments, same installation.
  • Multi language - unlimited number of languages to support global installations.
  • Use any RPG version - all supported equally
  • Java free environment - no foreign language skills required, so your RPG developers are not spending months trying to learn new languages and methodologies.

  • Transaction Management - to enable highly secure and intelligent systems to be developed
  • Configuration - to manage multi-language, cultural, IP, webserver, client applications
  • Security - to help you deploy secure solutions
  • Application Software Layer - that removes all of the technical internet protocols complications

in additional to FreeStyle-400

  • Secured User Access and Administration - allows you to administer which users gain access to your applications
  • Function Authorisation - designate which users have access to functions such as view, create, delete or copy within your applications
  • Dynamic Menu Builder - create your own totally customisable dynamic database driven menus
  • Automatic generic table file maintenance creation - never again code table file maintenance programs!

To find out more about FreeStyle-400, you can visit the FreeStyle-400 dedicated microsite or give us a call. We won't bite!

Please note that we will never 'cold call' you trying to sell you our products and services and would appreciate it if you would afford us the same courtesy. Should anyone forget, we will point them to /dev/null as quickly as possible. Recruitment agents will find that we're particularly effective here.

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