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Automated Invoice Scanning

Automated processing of Invoice Delivery notes using scanning and optical character recognition software, enabling BAKO to reduce effort and costs in keeping track of tens of thousands of documents per month.

Automated Invoice Scanning
BAKO North Western
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BAKO makes around one thousand deliveries each day to customers nationwide, using a fleet of chilled delivery vehicles. Upon delivery, a signature is obtained for receipt of goods using chemical carbon copy paper - 1 copy for customer and 1 copy kept by the driver and returned to base.

Historically, these delivery notes were then sorted and stored in box files for each day, each week, each year for many years. The system was labour intensive and took up much valuable shevling space in their warehousing facility.

Building on the success of the DMS project already in place, Merisis installed a Panasonic KV-S5055C scanner and Kofax Capture software to scan each of the returned delivery notes and save in a compressed format. This enabled optical character recognition of key fields such as Invoice Number, Customer Number, Account Number etc. The Kofax software ensured that the capture was de-speckled, de-skewed and rotated correctly before passing the image and key details to the iSeries.

The software written by Merisis on the iSeries then validated the key details to ensure that there were no errors in OCR before storing the document in the Document Management System against the appropriate meta data.

Any documents that do not pass the validation are presented to the BAKO user for manual correction before being stored in the Document Management System in the same way. BAKO users can then retrieve, email or print copies of Invoice Delivery Notes by searching the Document Management System without leaving their desks.

The new system has been beneficial to BAKO in a number of ways such as:

  • reduces the time spent manually searching for documents
  • reclaimed valuable warehouse space
  • ensures backup to BAKO's disaster recovery unit in the event of fire or other disaster

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