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TWS rewrite

ESSL required additional resource and help with bringing its web applications up-to-date. Working closely with the ESSL developers we brought their TWS application bang up-to-date with a new, fresher look and feel and improved user experience. Customer branding was also made possible by extensive use of stylesheets.

TWS rewrite
Enterprise Software Systems
iSeries, DB2, RPG, FreeStyle, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS

ESSL is a well-established and respected software developer of Transport and Fleet Management Solutions, working with 8 of the top 15 UK logistics operators.

ESSL had previously developed a browser-based version of its GTS product but this was restricted to certain screens and tracked the existing green-screen methodology and old-fashioned ways of working.

ESSL decided that it wanted to offer a modern, user-friendly solution to its customers. As ESSL was already using our FreeStyle-400 it was natural for the team there to seek our involvement.

Based on extensive feedback from ESSL on the look and feel and user-friendliness of the prototypes, Merisis developed a modern and intuitive style of application that brought TWS/GTS to 2012 and beyond.

The application makes extensive use of stylesheets to separate the look and feel from the functional aspects of the website, therefore allowing ESSL to easily brand each of their offerings to match the corporate styles of each of its customers.

Merisis has provided comprehensive training to the ESSL team, enabling them to make changes to the applications using their existing skills and offer their customers a totally supported solution.

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  • ESSL TWS 7
  • ESSL TWS 8
  • ESSL TWS 9
  • ESSL TWS 10
  • ESSL TWS 11
  • ESSL TWS 12
  • ESSL TWS 13
  • ESSL TWS 14
  • ESSL TWS 15
  • ESSL TWS 16

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