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Shopping Basket

An iSeries-based bespoke online shopping basket system, allowing customers to browse products, place orders, track orders, view order history and see special offers.

Shopping Basket
BAKO North Western
Manufacturing / Retail
iSeries, DB2, RPG, BPCS, FreeStyle, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS

Many years had passed since the writing of the original Order Entry system and web standards had moved on greatly. This made the old system look tired and in need of a revamp.

Consequently, Merisis completely re-wrote the Order Entry system as a modern 'Shopping Basket' system, giving the users a slicker system and more facilities using AJAX and other modern Web 2.0 standards.

Users can search and find and order products by product name, number description and type, as well as use their own 'Order pad' built from recent orders for fast ordering. Making use of the route planning that BAKO does every day, valid delivery days are highlighted to the user and compared with product cut-off timescales to ensure that the freshest items can be delivered. Pricing is specific to the customer and special offers related to the order are displayed to ensure maximum benefit to the customer placing the order.

Due to the document manager also being on the same system, customers can view specification and additive sheets for each of the products.

Users also have the options to personalise how they see the site - such as full or compact view, sort orders and the like.

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