Moores Furniture Group

A rebrand and revamp of the original Moores Extranet to incorporate Moores' new visual identity and new features such as online ordering, order tracking and 3D plan rendering.

Moores Furniture Group
iSeries, xSeries, DB2, WebSphere, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS

Building on the success of the original extranet project, Moores approached us to develop the next phase of their customer portal to be known as 'iView'.

iView was to include a big change to the visual look and feel of the site, based on a recent rebrand exercise. Unlike its predecessor, iView would allow users to place certain types of orders as well as track orders, invoices, deliveries, documentation, drawings and customer care cases.

The project used the existing WebSphere Application Server running on an xSeries and data stored in DB2 UDB on the iSeries. As well as Moores' own data, the system was required to pull information in from other sites, specifically where 'Proof of Delivery' documents were being supplied by third party delivery companies.

iView was also made to integrate more closely with some of Moores' larger customers and provided some 'special' functions for some of the larger house builders.

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