BAKO North Western
Document Management System

An iSeries-based bespoke document management system allowing BAKO users to access documentation used within their business such as price lists, product specifications and product recipes.

Document Management System
BAKO North Western
Manufacturing / Retail
iSeries, DB2, RPG, BPCS, FreeStyle, HTML, JavaScript, CSS

BAKO recognised that the browser and its ability to be powered directly from the iSeries opened up a number of opportunities. In this project, the first of many for BAKO, the document management system brought together documentation from a variety of sources, from MS Word and PC based documents to invoices and statements generated from the iSeries, creating a single unified system running on the iSeries.

This allowed BAKO users to search for any document at leisure, based on a comprehensive set of meta data for each document, such as customer number, product code, date, type etc. and email or print the document at the touch of a button.

With the DMS in the background, and BAKO now confident of using the browser to access their systems, they proceeded quickly to the next project.

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