BGL Group (Budget Insurance)
Car Insurance Quotation

A fast-growing company who engaged Merisis to provide professional advice in the area of project development and source control of IT projects.

Car Insurance Quotation
BGL Group (Budget Insurance)
Financial Services
iSeries, DB2, RPG, FreeStyle, HTML, JavaScript, CSS

Budget Insurances Services (later to become BGL Group) was a young insurance broking company in the UK and was looking to get a foothold on the online quotation market.

Merisis was approached to produce Budget's first car quotation system, designed specifically for their needs.

The system had to capture all the details required for passing on to their panel of insurers to generate the best quote for the customer. The system was created in such a way that Budget was able to utilise its existing IT skills and programming knowledge to take over day-to-day changes and improvements as the business demanded.

As with all Merisis designed applications, the system was split into business logic, presentation layer and look and feel. This allowed Budget to easily rebrand the site without affecting the underlying logic. It also meant that Merisis was able to introduce a completely different look and feel for Budget's affinity partners - companies such as The Post Office, Bradford & Bingley and Marks & Spencer, who all use the same underlying quotation engine based on the same iSeries.

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