Supplier Material Requirements

Provision of online material requirements system for suppliers.

Supplier Material Requirements
Whisky Distillery
iSeries, DB2, RPG, BPCS, FreeStyle, HTML, JavaScript, CSS

Glenmorangie is a well-known single malt whisky brand. For 160 years they have been turning local barley and mineral-rich water into a range of delicate whiskies.

Glenmorangie wanted to allow their suppliers to enter commitments to supply materials directly into their BPCS computer system, but without providing green-screen access.

They decided that a small browser-based application available across the internet would suit the purpose. The chosen iSeries hardware was incredibly small and would not be capable of running a java based solution such as WebSphere. Consequently, Glenmorangie chose the Merisis FreeStyle product, which is quick and efficient, to power their site.

Merisis developed the site according to Glenmorangie's specification and subsequently provided training to the Glenmorangie IT department so that they could support the application themselves in the future.

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